Google Apps for Work Tips and Tricks

Google Apps for Work Tips and Tricks

Google Apps for Work Tips and Tricks – Edit Office files from anywhere

Send and edit Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint files on any device – without Office software – when you upload them to Google Drive. Then you can work on them with teammates in real time without having to email large documents back and forth.

Step 1:

From the Chrome Web Store, download the Chrome extension for editing Office files with Docs, Sheets or Slides.

Step 2:

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Why Google Apps?

Google Apps for Work – Email, Collaboration Tools And More

Google Apps for Work – Email, Collaboration Tools And More

Get email, cloud storage, collaboration tools and other business apps with Google Apps for Work. Try it free for 30 days.

Professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more. Built for business, designed for teams.

Why Google Apps:

  • Gives you a professional custom email (you@yourcompa
  • Allows you to access documents in the cloud with over 30GB of storage.
  • Helps you work faster from anywhere and from any device.

Take Gmail to work

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PlusLocker Google WordPress Plugin

Viral Google Plus One WordPress Plugin.

Viral Google Plus One
WordPress Plugin.

PlusLocker Content Revealer Plugin is the quickest way to optimize your site for Google Search Engine with Plus-1 button.

No Code Hacking Skills Necessary! This Plugin is push button easy and the installation actually adds a button to your visual editor, making it available for any post or page you create.

You simply hi-light the content you want hidden, and push the PlusLocker button. It’s THAT EASY!

This Viral Plugin for WordPress Delivers

  • Extremely Easy to Install
  • Even Easier to USE
  • Instant Download
  • Simple Video Instructions
  • And A Whole Lot of Potential!

We’ve seen several plugins for the Google Plus One while doing research for this product. However none of them that we found actually added a button to the visual editor. Some of them actually have you hacking your own WordPress theme to get them to work.

Not only is this plugin Push-button easy to use, but it’s just as easy to install!

More +1s = More Traffic!

Google has made it very easy to share online content with your friends by providing the +1 button. Not only will a good +1 score enhance your Search Engine Optimization, but the +1 button automatically provides backlinks as well.

Over the last several years, Webmasters are finding out that Google is the Fat Lady in the Dress store! In other words, it’s extremely hard to find something that makes her happy! However, if Google is the fat lady, then the +1 button is her spandex pants. We know that she’ll wear them, because she’s already bought them. And while there are many people out there that like a nice pair of plump spandex, others need a bit of incentive…

PlusLocker provides that incentive!!

PlusLocker – How Does it Work?

Download Click Conspiracy Instantly!

Get PlusLocker – Viral Plugin for WordPress.

The Easiest Google+1 Content Revealing Plugin on the Market!

Google Cash Monster Social Media Optimizer

Google Cash Monster technology launches your site to the top of Google!

The Google Cash Monster
technology launches your site
to the top of Google!
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Google Cash Monster gives you the step-by-step instructions and advanced tools to build your income streams online.

You can easily follow the instructions and use the tools even if you’re a total beginner and have never built a website before.

Beginners will learn how to get their site ranked well on Google search results for targeted keywords, without prior skills like WordPress, CSS, HTML or PHP.

Google Cash Monster will show you how can use this technology to capitalize on product launches as well as show you how to make immediate affiliate sales during the launch, and how to build your list for next time around.

  • What if you could spend just 3 minutes… and walk away with a page #1 ranking website that sucks up 90% of the Google traffic for free?
  • What if you could pump out these websites over and over… even if you’re not technical and can’t design to save your life?
  • What if you start pulling in $1,073 per day as an affiliate, without paying for a single click, and without knowing anything about getting traffic or SEO?

This thing takes just 4 steps… how insane is that? And you don’t need YouTube, articles, paid advertising, press releases… or any of that usual stuff.

Google Cash Monster

Google Cash Monster

STEP #1 – Six Instant Cash Videos
Want to make your first $100 online within 24 hours? Then, follow the steps outlined in these 6 videos. You can start making money online even if you don’t have a website, there are dozens of places for you to start earning instant cash online even without a website.

STEP #2 – Push Button Launch
Next up, you will learn how to build and launch a website in just 3 minutes. You will use a powerful web building tool to create your first money making website with drag and drop simplicity. You will also learn how to turn your website into a word of mouth machine that will continuously pull in tons of free traffic.

STEP #3 – Make Money From New Product Launches
Once you know how to create affiliate websites in just 3 minutes, it’s time to learn exactly how you can exploit every single product launch and make some nice cash. You will also discover how to get on the ‘inside’ and find out about upcoming product launches before anyone else.

STEP #4 – Traffic & Conversion
In this final step, you’ll discover how to make sure people always buy from your affiliate site, using a quick and easy bribe technique that actually works. You’ll also learn how to get your websites ranked on Page #1 of Google by using a tested backlink formula.

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Google Cash Monster The Blueprint To DOMINATE Niche Products

Google Smasher Passive Online Income

Google Smasher The blueprint to dominate niche products.

The blueprint to dominate niche products.
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Google Smasher is a blueprint to dominate niche products just as they are coming onto clickbank.

A full blown system where you are shown EXACTLY how to pick the BEST products coming onto clickbank (not in the IM niche) and absolutely dominate them for BUYER keywords before there is ANY competition in the market!

The problem with most courses is they take ages to see results… You have to build backlinks, install software or wait for rankings, that is why Google Smasher is different.

This is a complete system where you can see position 1 rankings within Google that exact same day!

But the coolest thing about this is that the words you will be ranking for aren’t some obscure weird words that no one ever searches for.

The keywords you will be ranking for are buyer keywords, the ones people use when they are actually looking to purchase something.

The other awesome thing about these keywords is that you don’t need 100’s and 100’s of visitors to your site to make money. You can literally get 10 – 20 visitors a day and that is enough to see some sweeet passive income.

Google Smasher has found a way to short circuit the system so you can get rankings and results TODAY.

It’s quick. It’s powerful and it works!
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So what do you actually get with Google Smasher?
So what do you actually get with Google Smasher?

Google Smasher step-by-step guide is a breakthrough system that works with zero competition that gets results.

  1. Complete blueprint for dominating successful emerging clickbank products. This is the trick that no one ever tells you about.
  2. Complete SEO training so you see your site at the top of the rankings, as quickly as by the end of that day!
  3. How to hold down 5 top spots on Google for your buyer keywords!
  4. How to create simple videos to get even more exposure and force people onto your site ( they literally have no option but to click on one of your links)
  5. How to make sure your site is setup to convert. Traffic is great but we want to make them buy!

This has literally helped hundreds of people see real results online and make the breakthroughs they need to be earning proper online income.

Watch the sales come in on Autopilot…
Yes it really is that simple.

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Google Smasher shows you step by step how he finds products,
do keyword research and dominates that top product!

Google Smasher The Blueprint To DOMINATE Niche Products